Relationships can often benefit from the safe, constructive environment that couples' therapy can create. Whether you are a new couple, thinking of starting a life commitment, or experiencing difficulties in your relationship or marriage, we can work with you to improve communication, foster empathy for one another and create a "team" feeling within your relationship.  Our approach typically involves emotion focused approaches, combined with elements of Gottman Couples' Therapy and Imago approaches. The goal of this work is to get past the "content" of disagreements, and allow you and your partner to understand the emotions that are both attracting you to one another, as well as the feelings and dynamics that may be pulling you apart or causing distress between you. Couples' therapy can hold the potential of enhancing your relationship with your partner, or at some relationship stages provide a safe context to lead to a respectful uncoupling based on understanding and respect. Whatever your goal or outcome, this brave and honest work will hopefully allow you to better understand your partner and better understand how you work within intimate relationships.