I provide psychotherapy for a wide variety of psychological challenges.  Stemming from a comprehensive intake interview and initial assessment, we can work together either from a DSM-5 diagnostic start point, or start with your experience with or without diagnostic labels. My approach begins firmly with a client focused approach. This means I am in the room with you to help you on your particular path, as opposed to take an 'expert' role and prescribe a way forward through your specific life circumstance. My treatment approaches will work with your personality and goals to use a variety of techniques to address your psychological symptoms or life challenges. These techniques include mindfulness approaches such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy and Psychodynamic/depth approaches. These approaches are based in empirical, peer reviewed findings, but one of the strongest predictors of success in therapy is the safe and trusting relationship between client and therapist. Regardless of which techniques we decide to implement, building and maintaining this relationship will be our main focus as we start and continue our work together.